Box Palletizing

Sack Palletizing

End Effectors

Layout Design

Designs are based on accumulated know-how from long experience, basic layout are far superior in practicality and efficiency.Here are few typical standard layouts.We standardize many other layouts (the layout dimensions vary depending on the size of the product to be handled, pallet size etc).

2 - 2 Layout

Product is palletized on two pallet locations. This design allows three pallets to be placed on the floor on each
side. This will minimize changeover time.

3 - LW Layout

One pallet magazine delivers empty pallets automatically onto two individual stacking lines simultaneously.

3 - 1 Layout

For high speed applications, we decrease the pallet transfer time by using a pallet conveyor to automatically transfer pallets while maintaining nonstop productions.  


3 - 3 Layout

A variation of the 3-LW layout in which the pallet magazine is installed behind the robot and the empty pallets flow to both sides, this layout allows to utilize the space available for the installation most efficiently.

3 - L Layout


A variation of the 3-I layout in which the pallet magazine is installed at a right angle, this layout adds flexibility to conform to the specific requirements of the installation space, while maintaining a nonstop production.

3 - S Layout

3 in-feed conveyors & 3 stacking locations allow for a higher palletizing capacity while maintaining a smaller overall footprint. Also included in this design is a pallet dispenser & powered stacking conveyors for uninterrupted production.

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