Robotic Palletizers

The EC-102 model is one of our most energy-efficient robotic palletizers, as it uses only 3.5 KVA. Given the cycle rate-to-power ratio, it provides the most cost-effective, technically capable solution for moderate production throughput lines.

Featuring the largest working envelope of all models, while allowing more compact layouts and high palletizing rates very energy-efficiently, as it uses only 4 KVA, fthe EC-171 is ideal for most palletizing applications and the most popular in the FUJI-ACE line.

The award-winning EC-201 model is the top-of-the-line robot in the FUJI-ACE line and one of the highest-performance, most technologically advanced, robotic palletizer on the market today. It is particularly well-suited to high-speed sack or beverage case palletizing lines.

ModelEC-102 EC-171EC-201EC-201W
MechanismArticulated Structure
Operation typeCylindrical Coordinates
Maximum Payload (including End Effector)160kg (350 lbs)160kg (350 lbs)200kg (440 lbs)320kg (700 lbs)
Maximum Palletizing Capacity1200 cycles/hour1600 cycles/hour1800 cycles/hours600 cycles/hour
Degree of Freedom of Motion4-axis
(5th axis optional on end effector)
Operation RangeZ axis (vertical)2300mm (90.50")2400mm (94.75")2300mm (90.50")
R axis (horizontal)1500mm (59.00")1600mm (63.12")1500mm (59.00")
Θ axis (rotation)330°
A axis (Wrist)330°
Teaching Memory Space120-400 Programming Locations (Blocks) available
Teachingless SystemsStandard equipment
Teaching PendantStandard equipment
Power Supply(208-220 V AC, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz)
Required Electric Capacity3.5 KVA/ 9.7 A4.0 KVA/ 10.5 A6.5 KVA / 17 A7.0 KVA / 17 A
Pneumatics (Air Supply)0.5 MPa
Required Air Pressure Capacity120 Nl/min160 Nl/min225 Nl/min
Body Weight (excluding End Effector)700 kg (1544 lbs)750 kg (1654 lbs)1150kg (2536 lbs)

End Effectors

We understand how End Effectors play an intricate role in successful robotic palletizing applications. Given this critical point, we have spent years developing and refining high-quality and cost-effective End Effectors. Below are a few examples of our End Effector designs.

Bag End Effector

Case End Effector

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