EC - 102

The EC-102 model is one of our most energy-efficient robotic palletizers, as it uses only 3.5 KVA. Given the cycle rate-to-power ratio, it provides the most cost-effective, technically capable solution for moderate production throughput lines.


Robot workspace

Technical Specifications

MechanismArticulated Structure
Operation TypeCylindrical Coordinates
Maximum Payload (including End Effector)160kg (350 lbs)
Maximum Palletizing Capactity1200 cycles/hour
Degrees of Freedom of Motion4-axis
(5th axis optional on end effector)
Operation rangeZ axis (vertical)2300 mm (90.50")
R axis (horizontal)1500 mm (59.00")
Θ axis (rotation)330°
A axis (Wrist)330°
Teaching Memory Space120 to 400 Programming Locations (Blocks) Available
Teachingless SystemStandard equipment
Teaching PendantStandard equipment
Power Supply(208-220 V AC, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz)
Required Electricity Capacity3.5 KVA/ 9.7 A
Pneumatics (Air Supply)0.5 MPa
Required Air Pressure Capacity120 Nl/min
Body Weight (excluding End Effector)700 kg (1544 lbs)
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