Fuji Yusoki Kogyo Co., Ltd, founded in 1944 in Japan, devotes to development and manufacturing of robotic palletizing systems. Today, over 15,000 robots have been sold all over the world.

Fuji Robotics Europe is founded in 1991 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Its headquarters are moved in 2008 to Düsseldorf, Germany.
Fuji Robotics Europe offers robotics solutions, palletizing system design, sales and maintenance services to integrators and distributors throughout Europe

Recent Company History

1982  World’s first, articulated, cylindrical, robotic palletizer FUJI-ACE.

1985  Cartesian robot Fuji Cross. Headquarters moved to Onoda.

1986  Low floor-type palletizing system Fuji Hi-Mate and multifunctional traveling robot Atom.

1990  Cardboard sheet palletizer. New Fuji Group Company, Fuji Enterprise Co., Ltd.

1991  Established Fuji Robotics Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands. New Tokyo Office building.

1992  Vertical transfer machines division moved. High-capacity material-handling robot Super-Ace.

1994  Vertical transfer machine Super Lifcon™, low-capacity FUJI-ACE model JA-50, high-capacity robot Super-Ace model SA-90.

1995  2-axis robot Tsuyoshi-kun.

1996  Space-saving material-handling robot WA60,  high-capacity FUJI-ACE model AC-160.

1997  High-capacity and energy-saving perpendicular conveyor High-Tec Lifcon™.

1998  FUJI-ACE Series model change. 2-axis robot Column Ace.

2001  7,000 FUJI-ACE robots installed and operating in numerous industries worldwide.

2002  Opened Seattle office.

2003  Opened Shanghai office. Established New Fuji group company, Challenge Ltd.

2004  Opened Hong Kong office.

2006  W.J. Morray Engineering Ltd. joined Fuji Group.

2007  Opened Qingdao office.

2008  European office transferred to Düsseldorf, Germany.

2009  Opened Mumbai office. Completed new factory hosting robot production line.

2011  UL1740 Certification.

2018  Over 15,000 Fuji Robotic Palletizers installed worldwide.

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